Client Reviews

Our family hired Chef Sarah for 7 days over the 4th of July in Aspen to prepare our breakfasts and lunches for all 13 of our guests. She was very accommodating to our preferences and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to making healthy meals taste absolutely amazing. She was organized, approachable and fun to work with. Her inventive dishes rival some of the top restaurants.

Sasha Fruitticher (Facebook)

From the authentic tapas to the sangria, Sarah impressed everyone with her delicious food and professional service.

Seth Sachson/ President, Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter
Apple Crustata

Apple crustata is a dessert I like to teach in cooking classes because although it looks elegant, it’s easy to make and everyone enjoys it a la mode.

Sarah and her team are WONDERFUL! Her meals are not only an absolute treat but leave you feeling good afterwards! Sarah worked with us to fine tune our perfect menu and was more than accommodating to meet all the dietary needs of the group. Flourish to Thrive—outstanding in their field and a JOY to work with!!

Katie Thomas (Google)

We thoroughly enjoyed a special in-home dinner prepared by Sarah. Each course was thoughtfully prepared and delicious! She made the entire evening a delightful experience!

Mimi D./ Carbondale, CO (Yelp)

My family hired Sarah to lead an interactive cooking class and dinner while on vacation in Aspen. We had such a wonderful time thanks to Sarah’s instruction and planning. Most importantly, the food was incredible. We highly recommend hiring Sarah for any private event.

Carrie Fryman
Chocolate Molten Cake

Last New Year’s Eve clients asked for molten lava cake to ring in 2019. I had never made it before and was surprised how easy it was not to mention wonderfully decadent.

My business partners and I recently took a trip to Aspen and brought in Chef Sarah for a meal. What a great choice! All of her food was outstanding and Sarah was a delight through the entire process.

Pete Gekas(Google)

Chef Sarah helped our large family recently on a family vacation in Aspen. She exceeded all expectations in quality, flexibility and delivery. She was able to please everyone’s palate. We requested three full dinners for 8 adults and 4 kids, plus lunch and breakfast items. Everything was delicious and over the top. Sarah is very sweet and easy to work with—we would highly recommend her!

Karen H./ Tyler, TX(Yelp)

Sarah has the unique talent of making "health" food taste amazing. Her meals are not only healthy and delicious, but also BEAUTIFUL.

Lisa Cohen(Google)
Breakfast Eggs Plated

Daily private chef services include hearty breakfasts with farm-fresh eggs.

It was my husband’s 50th birthday, and several of our friends joined us in Aspen for a special trip. It was an incredible experience, but what made it exceptional with Sarah, from Flourish. She was professional, punctual and her choices were outstanding....She went beyond the call of duty with many extra touches and after she left, the house was spotless.

Paula Ticatch (Google)

Sarah is a fabulous chef! She pays great attention to detail and can easily work around all dietary restrictions! Her food is delicious and I love her attention to healthy, organic and local.

Melony Lewis(Google)

Amazing menu, presentation and service. Over delivered on my expectation and taste.

Brigette Schabdach (Google)

With 7 adults, a vegetarian family and 9 young, picky children to feed we were overwhelmed. Sarah turned out to be the answer to our prayers. She managed this challenging group with patience and grace while creating meals that satisfied all taste buds. The food was fresh, healthy and absolutely delicious. The kids quickly grew to love Chef Sarah as she was happy to involve them in fun child-friendly cooking projects.

Crystal Androvett/ Dallas

Sarah prepared a meal for us and it was absolutely delicious!...I would highly recommend Sarah if you are planning a party. Having tasted her food at another gathering this was our second experience. Both were great!

Wendy K./ Essex Fells, NJ(Yelp)
Salmon Skin Up & Asparagus

Pan-seared salmon with a citrus pomagranate glaze and asparagus was the entrée selected for a summer wedding party of 12 guests.

Sarah worked with our large family during a recent vacation in Aspen and we were overwhelmed with her delicious gourmet meals! She was flexible and easy to work with and went over and above to prepare several dinners, lunch and breakfast items in our remote home location—highly recommend her!!

C H(Google)

Chef Sarah put on the best cooking class we have ever attended. The food was exquisite and she broke down the recipes to manageable steps that we look forward to repeating on our own. Undoubtedly, the most fun I’ve ever had in a kitchen and the most delicious food we have eaten in the valley.

Zachary Nesbit (Google)

I’ve done several detox cleanses with Sarah and they were amazing!! She prepares all the food and walks you through every step of the way! I loved the results each time I did it and would definitely do it again. Sarah also prepared a fantastic anniversary dinner for my husband and I....Sarah hit it out of the park!

Jenni M./ Montrose, CO(Yelp)

I had the most terrific experience with food and health and happy people working with Sarah Mandell. We put together a cooking class with friends to learn about healthy foods. She is passionate, and so talented at bringing together good food in a beautiful way.

Chelsea Brundige (Google)

Fabulous food and presentation! Sarah is extremely talented and her company is tops.

Anna Walker Freedman(Facebook)
Flourish Owner/Executive Chef Sarah Mandell

Flourish Owner/Executive Chef Sarah Mandell

Sarah was our personal chef for 10 days in Telluride. We were a large diverse family with many tastes and ranging in age from 5 to 80! Everyone was happy! We couldn’t wait to get home to see what wonderful, fresh, imaginative and DELICIOUS food awaited us!! I would recommend Sarah in a heartbeat.

Adriana E./ London (Yelp)

Sarah Mandell is amazing in every way. Her menus are special but she will make anything you want. Her meals are delicious and very fresh. We go to Aspen every year in late June or early July. We make sure that Sarah is available. She has a very pleasant personality and makes everything easy. I am sure after using Flourish To Thrive, you too will want to write a raving review!!!!!!

Sandy Cozen
2 Salads

Feta cheese and water melon pair well in a salad with fresh mint and a light champagne vinegar dressing.

We experienced various restaurants during our visit; however the meal prepared by Sarah and her staff was by far the finest culinary experience of the trip. With Sarah’s cheeriness and professionalism, not to mention her outstanding cooking talents, we will definitely be contacting her for our next visit.

Paul L. Hebron, CFO/ Springfield, IL

Sarah’s food is wonderful! She helped my husband and I get through a busy summer with prepared meals each week that we simply reheat for lunch and dinner. Sarah is very reliable and does a wonderful job!

Christine F./ Marble, CO(Yelp)
Thai Curry Soup

During a trip to Burma I was inspired by the influence of Thai food including coconut curry soup with shrimp. I add kaffir lime leaf, lime zest, cilantro and a slice of jalapeno to my version.

She prepped a delicious and healthy meal for my family using all local and in season ingredients our first night in Aspen. We loved it so much that we had to have her come back to teach us a cooking lesson!

Katheryn Kalinowski (Facebook)

We did a tour together through Whole Foods and she is full of great information, is very creative and really knows about nutrition. I got so many great ideas from her and it was fun learning about how to incorporate more heathy ingredients into my families diet. Thank you Sarah!

Allison Bone(Google)

This summer my large (19 person) family did a July family reunion in Snowmass (a town that is near and dear to all of us)....It was an absolute pleasure corresponding with her prior to the trip (scheduling the dates, choosing menus, etc) and she completely delivered on her promises and expectations. The food was great and she was incredibly friendly with my whole family (including the many small children). Overall a great experience!

Kevin C./ Boston (Yelp)

Sarah is brilliant at conceiving of and preparing imaginative dishes with a creative presentation. She truly elevates any gathering.

Stacie Webb Martin(Facebook)

Cobblers are a go-to-dessert year round. When in season, there’s nothing like a strawberry rhubarb combo. Or locally-sourced cherries in the summer for an unbeatable berry crisp. I suggest a slice of melted cheddar or homemade rum-soaked ginger ice cream with dark chocolate chips.

I am doing a cleanse with Sarah next week and am so impressed! We did a tour together through Whole Foods and she is full of great information, is very creative and really knows about nutrition. I got so many great ideas from her and it was fun learning about how to incorporate more heathy ingredients into my families diet. Thank you Sarah!

Allison B./ Aspen (Yelp)

With two working parents and a toddler, our family is truly lucky to have Sarah cooking for us once a week. Her food is exceptionally delicious and takes the wholesome taste of real home cooking to a higher level.

Sam C./ Berkeley, CA (Yelp)

My family met for a week in the Aspen Valley to celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday. We rented a large house to accommodate all 10 of us....My mother has a very limited diet because of a long list of health issues....Sarah was extremely willing to work out a menu and to make sure we accommodated my mom's restrictions. The result? Our family dinners together prepared by Sarah were the highlight of our week together. In fact, we added an additional night and cancelled the only group dinner reservation to eat out. We all agreed that we preferred Sarah’s cooking.

Deborah Chandler(Google)

Sarah & Lorrie put on an absolutely wonderful event for my son’s wedding up in the Maroon Bells outside of Aspen, I could not have done it without them. The English Garden party down by the creek was inspired and beautiful. The food delumptious and the presentation superb....thanks guys for making it a truly memorable occasion.

Sandra Maxwell-Jones(Google)

While living and traveling throughout Mexico, I learned how to make a mean margarita. The secret ingredient? Damiana liquor, a fabled aphrodisiac, and fresh lime juice. We’re happy to make signature cocktails for your special occasion.

We hired Sarah Mandell to cook and deliver ready-made meals for our group during the week we spent in Snowmass. Sarah’s services were exactly what we were looking for....Sarah was professional and a pleasure to work with. She was mindful of food restrictions and responsive in case we had any questions.

Gisela H./ Key Biscayne, FL(Yelp)

For my wife and I, Flourish Chef Services is our answer to having fresh, healthy meals customized for us, weekly. Sarah’s menus are creative, innovative, and always with the freshest ingredients. We notice how much better we feel and our list of favorites gets longer.

Chris H.

Given the choice to eat out at a Michelin 2 star or have Chef Sarah host an evening at our will ALWAYS be Chef Sarah! The food, presentation, and professionalism of her team blew us away every time. Her ability to adapt to a New York list of requests—gluten-free, keto, carb-conscious, peanut allergy, and cilantro aversion—appeared effortless.

Christopher M./ New York City (Yelp)

You can feel and taste the love in all of Sarah’s dishes. She is your go to in the Aspen area for amazing plant-based and gluten-free food!

Rachael Israel(Google)

She taught our kids how to make California rolls and they loved it! She had a great menu planned and everything was delicious and creative.

Leigh Anne Mahone (Google)
Falafel Lettuce Cups

Baked falafel is a healthy version of this middle Eastern dish and the lemon tahini sauce comes from my favorite cookbook, Oh She Glows.

My family of 9 spent a week in Aspen this summer, and Sarah (and her excellent assistants) cooked for us every night, as well as provided some other breakfast/lunch fixings. She was so wonderful and easy to work with, both before and after our arrival, and went above and beyond to provide delicious, healthy, fun, original and fresh meals for us.

Nancy S./ Anchorage(Yelp)

She designed a menu that impressed a group of well-traveled foodies. The meal was delicious from start to finish and the menu included the best lamb I’ve ever had. Sarah’s commitment to quality and attention to top notch service, not to mention her friendly nature, made it an evening to remember.

Len Methany / Telluride
Set Table

A beautifully set table sets the stage for the meal. We are happy to order flowers and rentals to help make your gathering a success.

Sarah prepared meals that had us coming back for seconds and waking up in the middle of the night to raid the refrigerator. From a spectacular prime rib dinner, to a tasty array of appetizers, killer margaritas and bison chili with cornbread, we were all in culinary heaven. Sarah’s professionalism, work ethic, attention to detail and friendliness made our ski trip all the more enjoyable.

Joe PinkertonAustin

Absolutely amazing! We did a private cooking class for my sister’s bachelorette weekend in Aspen. It was so much fun!

Kelsey Plimpton(Google)

Our family of nine had a wonderful week in Aspen with Sarah cooking for us every evening. Many of the evenings had a theme—Spanish, Asian, Italian. Everything was fabulous and healthy as Sarah used top quality ingredients. I would highly recommend Sarah to make your vacation the best you’ve ever had.

Sarah Schierhorn (Google)
Spaghetti and Meatballs

The ultimate comfort food: spaghetti and meatballs. With the great selection of gluten-free pastas, now everyone can enjoy this dish.

Absolutely fabulous. Every course was perfection and you are an absolute pleasure. Thank you for making this a perfect evening.

Suzanne P.

Everything was so fresh and we could tell that she uses the high quality ingredients. Sarah was warm, friendly and inviting as well as extremely professional throughout our experience with her. By the end of the evening, we felt like she was an old friend.

Marilyn Stanley/ Texas & Colorado

Thank you for the tremendous evening and follow up the next night with more delicious food! The event was a great success and I’m getting emails and calls ever since about what a wonderful time and experience the dinner party was! Your team was excellent and a lot of fun engaging with our guests. Thank you for making a memorable night to our business associates and for Life Storage!

Dale Payne

We often cook for Super Bowl Sunday gatherings and clients enjoy burgers on the grill and Colorado’s vast selection of beer.

I’m marveling at the homemade Minestrone soup with turkey meatballs that I made with Chef Sarah during a one-on-one cooking class. The ingredients are totally tailored to my needs: organic, gluten-free, nut free and no sugar....I highly recommend Sarah for your next event or if you could use some menu inspiration to reignite your healthy cooking. Thank you so much Sarah! Can’t wait for our next class!

Dayna Horton (Google)

Sarah Mandell has an unparalleled commitment to sourcing high quality organic ingredients and preparing the most delicious meals....You simply feel great after eating her food!

Brittany Buffalino(Google)

She made herself available last minute and cooked a fabulous meal for our family while on a recent trip to Aspen. Her Tuna Poke was favorite!

Alyson Washburn Jacobs (Facebook)

I recommend Sarah’s chef services above all others. Such variety and everything was delicious...especially the bison meatloaf! She also did a wonderful job accommodating a long list of allergies and food sensitivities and did so with gusto. Her love for food and cooking shines through.

Jesse and Mary Johnson/ New York

I was looking for some healthy alternatives to my usual cooking....We took a trip to the grocery store. I had lots of questions about some things that I had bought in the past. Sarah was able to clarify so much and help me discern what to take out of my usual cooking....If you have the opportunity to hire Sarah, do so. It is fun and educational...and oh you will be healthier!

Terri L./ Montrose, CO(Yelp)