Our Team

As Flourish grows to meet the ever-increasing need for personal chefs, we bring together a team of seasoned chefs with a myriad of experience and talent. We all share a commitment to excellence and a tremendous joy in preparing the freshest, highest quality ingredients.

Flourish Chef Sarah Mandell

Chef Sarah, Owner/Executive Chef

Sarah Mandell founded Flourish in 2004 with an unwavering commitment to creating organic whole food cuisine. Her cooking style reflects 25 years of living in Southern California, a passion for farmers markets and locally-sourced produce, and a lifetime of traveling the world, exploring local cultures and their cuisine. She combines a diversity of cooking styles, ethnic influences and a quest to discover new ingredients, while always giving every dish a fresh healthy twist. When she’s not cooking for clients, she loves to have friends over, share her secrets in the kitchen, and enjoy a meal prepared together.

Flourish Chef Joseph Aparicio

Chef Joseph Aparicio

Chef Joseph, aka Pepe, is an accomplished chef bringing more than 28 of years of restaurant industry and private chef experience to the Flourish team. Originally from Peru, he has owned and operated two successful Peruvian restaurants in Denver and has worked as a private/personal chef in the Aspen area for ten years. Clients enjoy his approach to fresh, eclectic cuisine coupled with his friendly personality and calm, professional demeanor. Chef Joseph is especially proficient in Latin, Asian, Italian and continental cuisine; his authentic Peruvian fare receives rave reviews.

Sarah is brilliant at conceiving of and preparing imaginative dishes with a creative presentation. She truly elevates any gathering.

Stacie Webb Martin(Facebook)
Chef Sarah

Everything was so fresh and we could tell that she uses the high-quality ingredients. Sarah was warm, friendly and inviting as well as extremely professional throughout our experience with her. By the end of the evening, we felt like she was an old friend.

Marilyn Stanley/Texas & Colorado