Personalized Weekly Meal Prep

Chef Sarah Mandell, Aspen’s healthy chef, offers the best in all organic, freshly-prepared, delicious, healthy meals. Sarah personally shops, prepares your pre-selected menus and fills your refrigerator with home-cooked meals for the week. Each week’s menu is tailored to your personal tastes, dietary guidelines, and special requests. See our meal prep sample menus.

Delicious, Healthy & Safe

I’m Chef Sarah and I’ve been cooking organic whole foods cuisine for clients for 16 years. I create personalized menus, shop, and source the best quality ingredients. I then prepare meals that are fresh, flavorful and nutrient rich. I'm a professional chef trained in food safety.

Please request a proposal or call me directly at (970) 778-1724. I'll be happy to provide a custom sample menu and cost estimate.

Barramundi Pangasius

I always ask clients to allow me to shop and select what is fresh and seasonal, especially when it comes to fish. I prefer wild over farmed. The secret to great fish is not overcooking it.

How It Works

  • We talk about your tastes and dietary needs
  • I plan a customized menu with your input
  • I shop at Whole Foods Market and source locally
  • I personally prepare your menu, from scratch
  • The food is packaged with instructions for serving
  • You enjoy delicious, consciously-prepared meals at home
  • It’s easy, convenient, and supports optimum health

Sarah and her team are WONDERFUL! Her meals are not only an absolute treat but leave you feeling good afterwards! Sarah worked with us to fine tune our perfect menu and was more than accommodating to meet all the dietary needs of the group. Flourish to Thrive—outstanding in their field and a JOY to work with!!

Katie Thomas(Google)

Food for Any Diet

I’m a trained vegan/vegetarian chef but I cater to all dietary needs and preferences, including the following:

  • Paleo
  • Vegan, vegetarian, plant-based
  • Pescatarian or flexitarian
  • Low carb, low sugar
  • Dairy-free and gluten-free
  • Weight loss menu plans
  • Addressing particular health challenges/goals

Soba Noodles

Asian-inspired dishes lend themselves to a gluten-free vegan preparation. I love working with soba noodles and creating flavorful sauces with ingredients such as miso, lemongrass, lime and ginger.

Private and Virtual Cooking Classes

If you like to do the cooking but want some help, I’m available for private instruction and recipes. Interested in a more plant-based diet, I can help. We can work in the privacy of your home or virtually for your comfort.

I’m marveling at the homemade Minestrone soup with turkey meatballs that I made with Chef Sarah during a one-on-one cooking class. The ingredients are totally tailored to my needs: organic, gluten-free, nut free and no sugar....I highly recommend Sarah for your next event or if you could use some menu inspiration to reignite your healthy cooking. Thank you so much Sarah! Can’t wait for our next class!

Dayna Horton(Google)

Good, Healthy Food for Aspen Family

The Browns have a lot to juggle with two young children. They maintain a health-minded diet, eating only organic foods, avoiding gluten, eating all grass-fed meat and dairy products. Their favorite dishes include signature fresh salads, chicken pot pie with homemade crust, roasted veggie enchiladas with tomatillo salsa, vegan brownies and nutty power bars. “Sarah knows how to make healthy food taste outstanding—the vegan cheesecake is to die for.”  Here’s a sample of their ‘Food for the Week’ menu:

  • Creamy asparagus soup with fresh dill and caramelized leeks
  • Marinated kale salad with garlic ginger sesame dressing
  • Ying Yang salad with red and Napa cabbage, seared tofu, sugar snap peas and Thai peanut dressing
  • BBQ bison meatloaf with maple mashed sweet potatoes and roasted Brussel sprouts
  • Gluten free chicken pot pie
  • Vegan lasagna with spinach, mushrooms, roasted red peppers and zucchini
  • Gluten-free chocolate chip almond crunch cookies
  • Strawberry rhubarb muffins with walnuts

Sarah’s food is wonderful! She helped my husband and I get through a busy summer with prepared meals each week that we simply reheat for lunch and dinner. Sarah is very reliable and does a wonderful job!

Christine F./ Marble, CO(Yelp)

I use bison for my meatloaf that is lean and has a subtle sweetness. Shitake and portobello mushrooms, along with spicy BBQ sauce in the mix, make this a very juicy and flavorful crowd pleaser. My apple butter maple mashed sweet potatoes are the perfect pairing for this dish.

Sarah worked with our large family during a recent vacation in Aspen and we were overwhelmed with her delicious gourmet meals! She was flexible and easy to work with and went over and above to prepare several dinners, lunch and breakfast items in our remote home location—highly recommend her!!

C H(Google)

Bruschetta is a chance to showcase local flavors. Smoked trout pate with locally-grown orange beets, grass-fed beef tenderloin with horseradish crème fraiche, and arugula.

Chef Sarah helped our large family recently on a family vacation in Aspen. She exceeded all expectations in quality, flexibility and delivery. She was able to please everyone’s palate. We requested three full dinners for 8 adults and 4 kids, plus lunch and breakfast items. Everything was delicious and over the top. Sarah is very sweet and easy to work with—we would highly recommend her!

Karen H./ Tyler, TX(Yelp)

My favorite berry oat muffins have walnuts and are paleo-friendly with almond flour and coconut flour.

We hired Sarah Mandell to cook and deliver ready-made meals for our group during the week we spent in Snowmass. Sarah’s services were exactly what we were looking for....Sarah was professional and a pleasure to work with. She was mindful of food restrictions and responsive in case we had any questions.

Gisela H./ Key Biscayne, FL(Yelp)
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies can be both healthy and tasty. This gluten-free version is full of chocolate chips and made with almond flour. Perfect with a glass of almond milk.

I recommend Sarah’s chef services above all others. Such variety and everything was delicious...especially the bison meatloaf! She also did a wonderful job accommodating a long list of allergies and food sensitivities and did so with gusto. Her love for food and cooking shines through.

Jesse and Mary Johnson/ New York