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Special Menus catering to dietary restrictions

Sarah designs menus that cater to those with special dietary needs including gluten free, heart healthy, dairy free, low cholesterol, low/no sugar, vegetarian, vegan and raw living foods. Flourish also offers paleo and primal diet menus. Many of the items on the existing menu selections already fall into this category or can be easily adapted. Sarah researches and creates new healthy menus every month. Please contact Sarah at (970) 778-1724 or via email to request a special menu.

Health Coaching

Sarah has dedicated the last 10 years to promoting and helping clients with overall diet and lifestyles that support optimum health. She will meet with you to ascertain where you are in regards to diet, exercise, energy levels and overall health status. Together, you will develop a diet and lifestyle plan that you can maintain for the long term. Sarah focuses on what to put into to your diet rather than a long list of things to eliminate. She works with each client to make healthy goals attainable and is there to support you as you experience a new wealth of health. It will be fun, delicious and easy. You will find that Sarah walks the talk and stays current with the newest information on diet and exercise.

Make it a weekly plan

Whether it’s one-on-one cooking classes or a weekly menu prepared by Chef Sarah in your home, enjoy all organic whole foods cuisine each week as an easy way to get on the path to optimum health. Call 970-778-1724 now for a quote and to book your first session. Four cooking sessions per monthly package.

Cleansing Programs

Sarah Mandell has 10+ years of experience with cleansing and nutritional detoxification programs; in addition she has attended workshops, seminars and retreats in California, Arizona and New York. She worked closely with those who created the 21-day Detox Progrom in Los Angeles (, both participating in the program at least twice a year and preparing food for and supporting others doing the program. Sarah is authorized by Dr. Richard D. Andrea and John Wood to supervise, guide and counsel her clients through the program.

What is a cleanse/detox?

A detox is a cleansing technique designed to encourage the body to remove toxins. Toxins are natural and/or synthetic substances that accumulate in tissues and organ systems of the body. Eating a diet high in cholesterol will lead to blockage in the arteries of the heart. Similarly, mucus, other organic materials and inorganic chemicals accumulate in various organs and tissues of the body, causing waste removal systems to malfunction which can lead to illness. (From Dr. D’Andrea, The 21 Day Detox).

Sarah’s system of cleansing is simple and relies mostly on the vegan and raw living foods diet during the cleansing period. The Healthforce Nutritional supplements are used to support a healthy and more thorough cleansing experience. Because Sarah prepares all your food for you, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the health benefits.

Why do a cleanse or detox?

Doing a cleanse has many benefits, most importantly giving your digestive system a break from animal products, alcohol, caffeine, junk food, processed foods and all the stress and strain the body endures from having to process harmful toxins we encounter on a daily basis. It can be thought of as a tune up for the body….cleaning out the system so you run more smoothly.

When you eat a plant-based diet, and then mostly raw living foods, you will find that your system works more efficiently. After the initial detox symptoms (which may or may not occur), most experience benefits such:

  • Weight loss
  • Sounder sleep
  • Improved appearance of skin, younger youthful appearance
  • Increase in energy
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Elimination of cravings and desire to over eat
  • Decrease or elimination of chronic body aches and pains, or other chronic conditions
  • Improved mood, clear thinking, heightened brain function
  • Elimination of the need for medications, both over-the-counter and prescriptions.

But most importantly, one learns the impact of diet and nutrition on one’s own level of optimum health…..realizing the power of healthy foods and lifestyle.

Customized Cleanse

Sarah will first meet with you to ascertain what your goals are, your current eating habits, health status and any other details that help her to design the program best suited to you. Together you will determine the length of your cleansing program as Sarah offers shorter options such as 7, 10- or 14-day programs. The goal is to make the cleanse as easy and comfortable as possible. The program features a combination of vegan and raw living vegan foods menus, along with some supplementation.

After years of researching, and experiencing various supplements, consulting with nutritionists, Sarah uses Healthforce Nutritionals to help clients support a more thorough and effective cleanse. Healthforce products are created under the strict and very high standards of raw living foods protocol.

Example of 21-day detox:

Week 1: All vegan menu, no animal products, both cooked and raw foods are incorporated. Vegan dishes emphasize lots of veggies, beans, some tofu, whole grains, salads, fruit. Each morning, the breakfast consists of a smoothie with a superfood green powder, Vitamineral Green, that help supports the cleanse while providing much need nutrition.

Week 2: All raw living foods, vegan, some vegan cooked depending on the individual. Smoothie with Vitamineral Green each morning. Incorporation of energy soup. Energy soup is a variety of veggies in the blender.

Week 3: Energy soup and raw vegan salads…..the smoothie can be maintained for breakfast, but lunches and dinners, snacks, are energy soup and salad. Variations of this program are designed to accommodate each individual and where they are in diet and nutrition. This plan includes drinking plenty of water, moderate exercise on regular basis.

The Supplements

The supplements used are from Please visit the web site for more information regarding the company and its products. A combination of these various supplements may be used depending on the plan designed for each individual:

  • Vitamineral Green – $60
  • Intestinal Movement Formula – $24
  • Digestive Enzymes – $24
  • Liver Support – $32

You can either purchase the supplements from Sarah or directly from the Healthforce via their online store.

Service fees:

Initial consultation to ascertain client’s needs, determine how to customize program and menu plan is $100 per person. During this meeting, the details of the cleanse with be reviewed with the client and all questions will be addressed.

All food costs are billed based on actual cost of ingredients used for detox menus. Each week, receipts will be presented to the client for reimbursement.

Chef and coaching fee for preparation of all meals and daily supervision and support is $650 per week. This weekly fee includes the following services:
Menu planning, shopping and preparation of lunches, dinners and snacks
Vegan and raw vegan menu plan, fresh juices and dehydrated goodies.
All packing of meals, delivery and detailed instructions.
2-3 deliveries per week and daily support and consultation

Testimonials from Detox Clients

Thank you so much for helping us through our first cleanse. Your knowledge and support was vital to the success of our cleanse. You helped us prepare excellent vegan meals for our first week. During weeks two and three you were there every step of the way. You went above and beyond the call of duty with genuine concern, including regular phone calls to check in on our progress; helpful suggestions/modifications when necessary; and endless encouragement. Never once did you allow us to feel unsuccessful, even when the process got tough. Your work has enriched our lives.

Tim and Minette Pool

Working with Sarah has been absolutely one of the best decisions we have ever made. The Detox program was unlike anything we have ever tried and the results were amazing. After only a few days, we were feeling better. Skin looked great, energy increased, slow sluggish feeling was gone, eyes bright with no puffiness, bloat gone, bad cravings & hunger gone! The food that Sarah made to accompany our Detox was key to us sticking with the program for 10 days (it was a vegan diet, mostly raw). We looked forward to the food everyday – it was delicious! We really did not feel that we were on a detox program. Even the last few days of “Energy Soup” were great and since we were so determined at this point to complete the program, we actually wound up “loving” the soup. The great thing too, is that Sarah kept in contact with us through the whole program and laid out the plan for afterward. After the detox, we were fortunate enough to do some cooking classes with Sarah which focused on organics, whole grains, lean proteins, etc. The classes were great and the food was exceptional. It has helped us learn some healthy, but easy foods to focus on (we love Kale! – who would have thought). Our eating habits have changed as we don’t want to loose the over-all well-being that we have gained through the program. We still stick with our supplements (those will be for life!) and keep the basic principles and cooking habits. This experience was better than either of us expected and the quality and service that Sarah provided us was above and beyond!

Charlie & Jenni Malone

My overall experience with the cleanse was amazing!!! The goal I had set for myself was really just to feel better and hopefully enjoy the extra benefit of loosing a few pounds. When I first started the process, I really underestimated the outcome of the results I would achieve. Not only did I feel better and lost 9lbs, but I also realized just how toxic I had become!!! I think there was definitely some denial for me in the sense I felt because I am employed as a fitness instructor I could not possibly be so toxic. Guess what??? Truth hurts…. anyway….Sarah helped me to learn a healthier way to fuel my body with the help of a healthier eating style and the Healthforce supplements. She was there for me 100% of the way, always making herself available to help physically and mentally, even on the weekends!!! Loved her words of encouragement and support. It wasn’t an easy process, but it was one I will never regret. I hope to use the valuable information she taught me the rest of my life.

Thanks Sarah!!!
Michelle Downey

My fiancé and I were introduced to Sarah Mandell by the 21-Day Detox Diet doctors. She understands the medicinal benefits of food, but she goes far beyond that. She manages to make each meal a delicious and interesting experience. “Healthy food” heretofore had seemed boring and bland, so it was very exciting to be eating cuisine that was seasoned and unusual, with the added benefit of making us feel better with each passing day. This turned out to be the easiest diet we’d ever been on; we looked forward to each meal, and our bodies thrived. We’re no longer on the 21-Day Detox Diet, but continue to use Sarah as a cook. She’ll cook anything we request and I always know each dish will be clean and delicious, and totally organic when possible. I’ve become a salad junky because of her combinations and incredible dressings — and how cool is that?! Her integrity and sunny disposition have never disappointed us. She’s truly cooking with love, and our bodies thank her.

Jill & Ernie Thesman


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