Health Coaching, Diet and Lifestyle Support

Sarah has dedicated more than 15 years to helping clients with overall diet and lifestyles that support maximum energy and optimum health. She’ll meet with you to ascertain your goals and the challenges you face. Together you'll develop a plan that’s attainable and maintainable over the long term.

Make It a Weekly Plan

Whether it’s one-on-one cooking classes or a weekly menu prepared by Chef Sarah in your home, enjoy all organic whole foods cuisine each week as an easy way to get on the path to optimum health and weight management. You can choose a one-, two- or three-week plan. Schedule a consult today.

Experience How Great You Can Feel

Sarah’s system of cleansing is simple and relies mostly on the vegan whole foods diet during the cleansing period. Menus are customized to your personal needs. Because Sarah prepares all your food for you, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the health benefits.


We did a tour together through Whole Foods and she is full of great information, is very creative and really knows about nutrition. I got so many great ideas from her and it was fun learning about how to incorporate more heathy ingredients into my families diet. Thank you Sarah!

Allison Bone(Google)
Chef Sarah

Impact of a Nutrition-Based Eating Plan:

  • Weight loss, elimination of cravings
  • Sounder sleep and increased energy
  • Youthful appearance, healthy glow
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Decrease chronic body aches and pains, or other chronic conditions
  • Improve mood, clear thinking, heightened brain function
  • Reduce or eliminate of the need for medications

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Let the Results Speak...

My overall experience with the cleanse was amazing!!! The goal I had set for myself was really just to feel better and hopefully enjoy the extra benefit of losing a few pounds. When I first started the process, I really underestimated the outcome of the results I would achieve. Not only did I feel better and lost 9lbs, but I also realized just how toxic I had become!!! ....Sarah helped me to learn a healthier way to fuel my body with the help of a healthier eating style and the Healthforce supplements. She was there for me 100% of the way, always making herself available to help physically and mentally, even on the weekends!!! Loved her words of encouragement and support. It wasn’t an easy process, but it was one I will never regret. I hope to use the valuable information she taught me the rest of my life.

Thanks Sarah!!!   —Michelle Downey


Thank you so much for helping us through our first cleanse. Your knowledge and support was vital to the success of our cleanse. You helped us prepare excellent vegan meals for our first week. During weeks two and three you were there every step of the way. You went above and beyond the call of duty with genuine concern, including regular phone calls to check in on our progress; helpful suggestions/modifications when necessary; and endless encouragement. Never once did you allow us to feel unsuccessful, even when the process got tough. Your work has enriched our lives.

—Tim and Minette Pool

I’ve done several detox cleanses with Sarah and they were amazing!! She prepares all the food and walks you through every step of the way! I loved the results each time I did it and would definitely do it again. Sarah also prepared a fantastic anniversary dinner for my husband and I....Sarah hit it out of the park!

Jenni M./ Montrose, CO(Yelp)
Making a Smoothie

I teach my clients to make power-packed smoothies to start off each day of the cleanse. They are delicious and filling.

Sarah has the unique talent of making “health” food taste amazing. Her meals are not only healthy and delicious, but also BEAUTIFUL.

Lisa Cohen(Google)
Kale Salad

I’m renowned for my kale salads tossed with a creamy ginger garlic dressing or a vegan Cesar.

I was looking for some healthy alternatives to my usual cooking....We took a trip to the grocery store. I had lots of questions about some things that I had bought in the past. Sarah was able to clarify so much and help me discern what to take out of my usual cooking....If you have the opportunity to hire Sarah, do so. It is fun and educational...and oh you will be healthier!

Terri L./ Montrose, CO(Yelp)
Veggie Salad

Summer is the best time to do a cleanse with fresh salads and homemade dressings on the menu every day.