Chef Sarah, Owner/Executive Chef

In 2004, after completing an intensive culinary course in Boulder, Co, Sarah Mandell founded Flourish with an unwavering commitment to creating organic whole foods cuisine. Her cooking style reflects 25 years of living in Southern California, a passion for farmers markets and locally-sourced produce, and a lifetime of traveling the world, exploring local cultures and their cuisine. She combines a diversity of cooking styles, ethnic influences and a quest to discover new ingredients, while always giving every dish a fresh healthy twist. When she’s not cooking for clients, she loves to have friends over, share her secrets in the kitchen, and enjoy a meal prepared together.

Flourish Chef Sarah Mandell

Sarah manages to make each meal a delicious and interesting experience. “Healthy food” heretofore had seemed boring and bland, so it was very exciting to be eating cuisine that was seasoned and unusual, with the added benefit of making us feel better with each passing day. This turned out to be the easiest diet we’d ever been on; we looked forward to each meal, and our bodies thrived....She’ll cook anything we request and I always know each dish will be clean and delicious, and totally organic when possible. I’ve become a salad junky because of her combinations and incredible dressings—and how cool is that?! Her integrity and sunny disposition have never disappointed us. She’s truly cooking with love, and our bodies thank her.

Jill & Ernie Thesman

Sarah is brilliant at conceiving of and preparing imaginative dishes with a creative presentation. She truly elevates any gathering.

Stacie Webb Martin(Facebook)
Chef Sarah

Everything was so fresh and we could tell that she uses the high-quality ingredients. Sarah was warm, friendly and inviting as well as extremely professional throughout our experience with her. By the end of the evening, we felt like she was an old friend.

Marilyn Stanley/Texas & Colorado