Chef’s Favorites

Featured monthly on the homepage, this is Chef Sarah’s collection of favorite dishes which have received rave reviews. See the Chef Recommended page to select any of these dishes for your menu.

November / December 2020

Chicken Tikka Masala with Coconut Jasmine Rice

When everyone is sitting down to seasonal classics, many clients like to mix it up with a little ethnic cuisine. Chicken Tikka Masala is popular as it’s full of rich flavor and is even better the next day. I’ve stocked up on Garam Masala (a key spice in this recipe) and clients will enjoy this warming dish after a chilly day on the slopes.

Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Crust

It is most certainly that time of year—pie season! I roast my pumpkins and make the puree from scratch which can’t be beat. I add crushed pecans to the pie crust and top with a Grand Marnier whipped cream. Clients tell me they enjoy a slice with coffee for breakfast.


October / September 2020

Beef Tenderloin with Peppercorn Sauce

Beef tenderloin and bison tenderloin are both client favorites, as well as a chef’s favorite. I switch it up with different sauces, including the classic creamy peppercorn sauce, a shallot port wine reduction, a blackberry balsamic reduction or a red wine and mushroom sauce, to compliment this fabulous cut of meat.

Northwestern Cioppino

Fall is a time for warm dishes, locally-baked breads and hearty seafood soups. This version of cioppino has a west coast approach that is festive and full of flavorful seafood. Served with warm sourdough bread and a salad of locally-sourced greens, this is a crowd-pleaser for any gathering.


August / July 2020

Watermelon Gazpacho with Fresh Mint

This refreshing twist on a Spanish classic was a big hit for a family I cook for on a weekly basis. This soup was followed by an array of Spanish tapas including the classic Tortilla Espanola with a Romesco sauce.

Halibut with Basil, Tomatoes, Capers and White Wine Reduction

This is truly one of my favorite recipes and a popular among my clients as well. Full of flavor but also light. I serve this with herbed Orzo and asparagus.


June / May 2020

Salmon with Chili and Ponzu Sauce

Summer heat inspires lighter dishes and this salmon with chili and ponzu dipping sauce goes well with a salad of local greens. This dinner pairs well with my new favorite Albariño, Atelier by Raúl Pérez.

Thai Summer Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

Everyone, kids and adults alike, enjoy Thai summer rolls. They make great appetizers, or a light lunch or dinner. I get creative with fillings and recently added mango, mint and basil. The peanut sauce is made with almond butter for those who may have a peanut allergy.


April / March 2020

Lobster risotto with saffron and fresh parsley

This spring, lobster or seafood risotto with saffron was a top choice at the dinner table. Clients love the fact that risotto is gluten-free, and with the addition of lobster and scallops, it definitely makes the meal more festive.

Grilled tandoori lime shrimp with fresh cilantro

Tandoori is my new go-to spice and I love experimenting with it. I marinated the shrimp in tandoori first with a little garlic, crushed red pepper and olive oil. I fired up the grill to serve this new favorite recipe as a springtime appetizer.


February / January 2020

Wood-fired vegetarian pizza with fresh arugula

It’s a treat when my clients have a wood-burning pizza oven, but homemade pizza night is good in any oven. I make the dough from scratch and set up a smorgasbord of both traditional and more creative toppings like creole shrimp, crispy kale and brie cheese. Pizza parties are a Flourish favorite and a fun-filled time for our clients.

Ramen bowl with udon noodles and gourmet mushrooms

Aspen’s cold winter nights are prefect for ramen bowls. I start with a miso broth which feels so comforting and then offer an array of add ins from chicken, seafood or beef, to all veggie versions with mushrooms, snow peas and seared tofu. This soup dish is ideal for getting creative and adding ingredients you like.


December / November 2019

Cashew chicken curry with coconut jasmine rice

Cashews and a coconut-based yogurt are blended and added to the curry for a dairy-free version that is still rich and wonderfully flavorful. Add cilantro for garnish and if you like a bit of heat, crushed red pepper.

Pad Thai

This is a crowd pleaser and can be made with chicken, shrimp or tofu for a vegan version. Lots of veggies and gluten-free noodles add a healthy twist. I make a light homemade Thai peanut sauce using cashew nut butter and lots of ginger.


October / September 2019

Ahi Tuna Poke

I add cilantro and macadamia nuts to my Ahi tuna poke and kick it up with chopped jalapeno, served with crispy wontons.

Blueberry Pancakes

Every Sunday I get a hankering for pancakes, but I don’t want a sugar rush. I make my batter with gluten-free flours, lots of egg whites, almond milk, coconut oil, ground flax and honey. They cook up with a little crisp on the outside, and I top them with blueberries and bourbon maple syrup.


August / July 2019

Beef Short Ribs

Short ribs can be a terrific appetizer or a entrée served on creamy polenta. My basting liquid includes whiskey, coffee porter, dried Anaheim chilis, maple syrup, and more beer. I slow cook for 8 hours and the results are heavenly.

Fish Cooked in Cast Iron Pan

My favorite pans are cast iron, hands down. This comforting fish and creamed spinach dish is a one pan wonder that makes a delightful family meal.