Chef's Favorites

Every month Chef Sarah is featuring, on the homepage, two dishes she’s prepared for clients that have been received rave reviews. This is the archive page for those dishes.

December 2019

Cashew chicken curry with coconut jasmine rice

Cashews and a coconut-based yogurt are blended and added to the curry for a dairy-free version that is still rich and wonderfully flavorful. Add cilantro for garnish and if you like a bit of heat, crushed red pepper.

Pad Thai

This is a crowd pleaser and can be made with chicken, shrimp or tofu for a vegan version. Lots of veggies and gluten-free noodles add a healthy twist. I make a light homemade Thai peanut sauce using cashew nut butter and lots of ginger.


November 2019

Ahi Tuna Poke

I add cilantro and macadamia nuts to my Ahi tuna poke and kick it up with chopped jalapeno, served with crispy wontons.

Blueberry Pancakes

Every Sunday I get a hankering for pancakes, but I don’t want a sugar rush. I make my batter with gluten free flours, lots of egg whites, almond milk, coconut oil, ground flax and honey. They cook up with a little crisp on the outside, and I top with them with blueberries and bourbon maple syrup.


October 2019

Beef Short Ribs

Short ribs can be a terrific appetizer or a entrée served on creamy polenta. My basting liquid includes whiskey, coffee porter, dried Anaheim chilis, maple syrup, and more beer. I slow cook for 8 hours and the results are heavenly.

Fish Cooked in Cast Iron Pan

My favorite pans are cast iron, hands down. This comforting fish and creamed spinach dish in a one pan wonder that makes a delightful family meal.