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Owner/Executive Chef Sarah Mandell

Chef Sarah has more than 15 years’ experience cooking professionally for clients in their homes. Her commitment to organic and innovative menus reflects many years living in Southern California. A passion for farmers markets and seasonal ingredients, and a lifetime of traveling the world, exploring local cultures and their cuisine, provide constant inspiration. Her mission, with every meal, is to bring joy to your table.

Personal Chef Services for All Occasions

Chef's Favorites

Lamb Tagine

I’ve always wanted to travel to Morocco but until then, I’m delving into the world of tagines. Lamb and chicken are the most commonly used proteins. This dish is bursting with rich flavors from a variety of spices. Great for your next dinner party or a drop off menu.

Steak and Potatoes

Sometimes clients just want to keep it simple and delicious. Summer is here and a nice rib eye on the grill can’t be beat. I like to serve it with a fresh chimichurri and roasted potatoes.

Client Reviews

Our family hired Chef Sarah for 7 days over the 4th of July in Aspen to prepare our breakfasts and lunches for all 13 of our guests. She was very accommodating to our preferences and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to making healthy meals taste absolutely amazing. She was organized, approachable and fun to work with. Her inventive dishes rival some of the top restaurants.

Sasha Fruitticher (Facebook)

This summer my large (19 person) family did a July family reunion in Snowmass (a town that is near and dear to all of us)....It was an absolute pleasure corresponding with her prior to the trip (scheduling the dates, choosing menus, etc) and she completely delivered on her promises and expectations. The food was great and she was incredibly friendly with my whole family (including the many small children). Overall a great experience!

Kevin C./ Boston (Yelp)

It was my husband’s 50th birthday, and several of our friends joined us in Aspen for a special trip. It was an incredible experience, but what made it exceptional with Sarah, from Flourish. She was professional, punctual and her choices were outstanding....She went beyond the call of duty with many extra touches and after she left, the house was spotless.

Paula Ticatch (Google)

Given the choice to eat out at a Michelin 2 star or have Chef Sarah host an evening at our home...it will ALWAYS be Chef Sarah! The food, presentation, and professionalism of her team blew us away every time. Her ability to adapt to a New York list of requests—gluten-free, keto, carb-conscious, peanut allergy, and cilantro aversion—appeared effortless.

Christopher M./ New York City (Yelp)

Our family of nine had a wonderful week in Aspen with Sarah cooking for us every evening. Many of the evenings had a theme—Spanish, Asian, Italian. Everything was fabulous and healthy as Sarah used top quality ingredients. I would highly recommend Sarah to make your vacation the best you’ve ever had.

Sarah Schierhorn (Google)

I am doing a cleanse with Sarah next week and am so impressed! We did a tour together through Whole Foods and she is full of great information, is very creative and really knows about nutrition. I got so many great ideas from her and it was fun learning about how to incorporate more heathy ingredients into my family’s diet. Thank you Sarah!

Allison B./ Aspen (Yelp)